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I’m not sure anyone ever dreams of becoming a voice teacher.  For me, a series of events nudged me in that direction.  As a teenager I had quite traumatic voice issues, and was terrified of speaking in public.  In the hope of finding a solution to my “problem” voice, I bought two books on voice by Clifford Turner and Cicely Berry.  That was the start of my journey.  


In 1991 I graduated with a first in English from University College London.  I then trained as an actor at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.  I worked for a number of years as an actor, but found myself drawn more and more to voice work.


In 2008 I graduated from the Central School of Speech and Drama with an M.A. in Voice Studies.  A year after graduating I was asked back to teach phonetics on the M.A. Voice Studies course.  I stayed for eight years, initially teaching phonetics and eventually overseeing the whole accent module.  Many of my ex students are now very successful accent and speech trainers in their own right.  


From 2016-17 I taught the speech and accent strand on the undergraduate course at RADA.  My teaching work has also taken me to Shakespeare’s Globe and the National Theatre.

Recently, I’ve focused on freelance Theatre, Film and TV work.  

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